7 Unique Ways to Announce Your Engagement

Congratulations! You just got engaged! We know you are absolutely bursting with excitement, and who can blame you? You probably want to start planning straight away, and we totally agree, but there is one thing you really must do first. You have to let people know. No, we don’t mean everyone, just those that are important to you. So, your loved ones, whether they are friends or family.

So, how do you tell them? Are you able to do one big announcement for all? Or are there just some people that need telling individually? Think about all of this first and tell those people before you go all out with your big announcement! When it comes to the big announcement, why not have a look at using one of our suggestions below?

The Classic Selfie

This is great for a quick and simple announcement to your loved ones. You can send it around as a message, post it up on your social media pages, or even send it round as a greetings card! Totally up to you and very easy.

Get your Pets Involved

For an adorable twist, get those fur babies involved! Especially if they were involved somehow in the proposal itself! Snap a cute picture of your pets saying yes to their new mom or dad. Or you could even get a picture of your fiancé to be, proposing to your pet. However you do it, we know it is bound to be cute!

The Hand with a Twist

We have all seen the traditional picture of a hand with a beautiful sparkling diamond engagement ring. For something different, however, try and get the shot with your new fiancé in the background, comically reacting to your answer! Whether he’s jumping in the air for joy or fainting, it will definitely entertain!

It’s Beach Time

Do you live near the coast? If not, are you able to travel to one nearby? Why not shoot some engagement pics with your announcement written down in the sand? A cute and memorable photograph that you can share around.

Light it up

Everyone loves a lightbox! Why not use one to announce your engagement? Better yet, plan the shot for night-time outside, for the ultimate dramatic picture. Hold up the lightbox with the big revelation, while posing in a cozy comfortable cuddle with your beloved.

Coffee Break

How about a Starbucks? Instead of having your names written on the cups though, ask for your server to write cute messages on each cup. Try something like ‘he asked’ on your cup and ‘she said yes’ on his cup. Cute and quirky!

Lights, Camera, Action!

If your fiancé managed to get the whole proposal on the film, extra Kudos to him! If not, there is nothing wrong with a little re-enactment on video! Get it filmed and you can upload it to wherever you want! YouTube, TikTok, your Instagram stories, you could even send it as a video greetings card!

So, what do you think about one of these ways to announce your engagement? Let us know which you decide!

Are you the proposer? Check out these engagement season tips before you pop that all-important question! Don’t forget, we now offer proposal planning services. Why not contact us here and get your proposal planned by us, so you can just relax and enjoy it.

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