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Atlanta Pop-Up Weddings

Atlanta Pop-Up Weddings

Welcome to Atlanta Pop-Up Weddings! We couldn’t be more excited to be a part of your big day - that is, if a Pop-Up Wedding is what you’re after.

Every couple is different, and while some dream of long, planned out weddings with hundreds of guests, others prefer a more laid-back, intimate, almost spontaneous affair. If you and your partner find yourselves in the latter category, we welcome you to read on and learn about Pop-Up Weddings.

What are Pop-up Weddings?

Pop-up weddings by definition are small, reasonably short, and sweet wedding ceremonies. An intimate gathering of somewhere between 2 to 10 people, a pop-up wedding is not only affordable but also a trendy way to put on a special affair. No matter if a pop-up wedding appeals to your financial sensibility- perhaps you’d much rather put the money into travel plans or a new house, or to your sense of time management - a year planning a wedding? No thanks! A Pop-up wedding is the perfect solution.

We take care of all the details so that your day is not only perfect, it’s worry-free as well. There are two different general structures to our Pop-Up Weddings:

  • Wed & Dash: At a pop-up wedding wed and dash, multiple ceremonies take place throughout the day at a single location.

  • One-Off: A condensed version of a conventional wedding ceremony, a one-off pop-up wedding is yours alone but is smaller and shorter than a traditional wedding.

Both Pop-Up Wedding structures are based on a flat-fee and each and every detail is planned for you. All you need to do is book the pop-up, invite a few friends and family (10 guests or fewer is ideal), obtain your marriage license, dress for the occasion, and show up!

The Pop-Up Wedding Package Includes:


Just because the pop-up wedding is short and sweet doesn’t mean you don’t get personal attention! Your pre-wedding consultation is all about making this a custom, personalized experience that you’ll never forget. Together we’ll plan the look, feel, and details of the ceremony itself. We’ll also go through all of the package elements so you know exactly what to expect when the big day arrives. You’ll walk away with a detailed itinerary of your time with us.


Wed & Dash Pop-Up ceremonies are professionally planned, styled, and designed in a simple yet beautiful manner. Custom ceremonies include additional decor. Set-up includes seating for up to 10 guests, registry table & chairs. Our wedding planner is also available at the ceremony to make sure everything is set-up according to plan.

Legal Officiant

We provide a legal and authorized wedding celebrant to officiate your ceremony. Your ideas and traditions may be incorporated including readings, vows, etc.

Professional Wedding Photographer

We capture all the memories from start to finish! From the moment you arrive through the ceremony, cake cutting, and toast, our professional photographer is on hand to record all of the most special moments of your big day. You’ll receive a link to your private, online image gallery where you can view, share, and download your edited wedding photos in high resolution. Print, post, and share to your heart's content! Professionally retouched prints, albums & other products available for purchase.

All the Details

Your pop-up celebration has all of the details taken care of! We provide a delicious, hand-crafted custom cake that feeds you and up to 10 guests, a celebratory champagne toast for all guests, personalized flowers including bouquet and boutonniere, plus pre, post, and during-ceremony music. You’ll be able to take your mind off of all the planning and prep work and simply enjoy the day.

Your Ceremony

The Pop-Up wedding ceremony includes an hour of wedding services, meaning your I do’s, your toast and celebration, and mini-photo season with our professional photographer.

What You Need to Bring

So what does that leave for you? Very little! To the ceremony, you'll need to bring your marriage certification, plus you, your partner, as well as your guests - all dressed and ready to go!

When the time comes, you’ll get married, have some pictures taken, eat cake and drink champagne, and then be on your way: happily ever after!

If you think a pop-up wedding ceremony might be the right fit for you, please contact us at, or check out our upcoming Pop-Up Ceremony The Vault Pop-Up, happening October 10, 2020.


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