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Eloping Is the Wedding Trend for Millennials

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Each era has its distinctive feature, and now the elopements are what is making the Millenials talk. Now the world is a different place, and it is no longer a matter of keeping up appearances or spending too much money to please people. Understanding that you can never please them all, maybe it's time you try to please yourself and your better half. If you're not sure you want anything too big or have concluded that your way of showing how much you love each other is by telling each other, perhaps you don't need to be seen anymore.

Elopements aren't cheesy

This is nothing but a romantic getaway, a stolen moment when they finally dedicate themselves to love each other and nothing more, it is here that they are leaving behind all the traditions that bothered them and are letting themselves be. The Millenials have managed to make even married couples discover their minimalist side, but without leaving romanticism aside. This is not about running off to Las Vegas and getting married in a weird chapel to a man dressed like Elvis, but about making the romance so great that it leaves no room for anyone else. A few people are more than enough to hear what you have to say to each other.

elopement, intimate wedding, elopement planner

The officiant and you

Elopement weddings offer couples full command of their day. With fewer people in attendance, you don’t have to make concessions to please everyone. Attire can vary; ceremonies can be religious or secular; you can choose to have a reception or to skip it. They can be spur-of-the-moment, or you can plan them out a year in advance. This day is about your commitment to each other, so, why not take the financial and social pressures off the table? That way you can focus on what’s most important — each other.

elopement wedding, elopement, elopement planner

You don't have to do it alone

There are always many doubts when planning a wedding because we want everything to be perfect, but it is impossible to think about everything while you are under stress. The best way to guarantee that everything will go according to plan is to hire a wedding planner; thus relieving any worries you may have and ensuring everything runs smoothly and on time. You can get everything you've always dreamed of without giving up any sleep, and you can even get some recommendations that will complete the dream. An elopement does not mean nonsense, it means that you have decided that your union is the most important thing and you want it to be perfect, so this is exactly what we want to offer you.

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