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First Tasks to Complete After Becoming Engaged

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

If you are now engaged, congratulations! We are incredibly excited for you, as you will now get to begin planning your big day!!

However, with so much to do, and only so little time, you may be wondering how to start off your intimate wedding planning.

We believe that every couple should be prepared as they begin to plan their nuptials! That’s why, here at Eclectic Eventz, as Atlanta intimate wedding planners, we have comprised some of the first tasks that you will want to complete after becoming engaged. If you would like to discover what these tasks are, be sure to continue reading, to gain some helpful insight:

  • Develop Your Guest List. Your guest list will come into play when planning many details of your big day! From the size of venue you will need, to how much food will be served, the number of guests attending your wedding will need to be known. Therefore, you will want to develop your guest list first. While you won’t know exactly how many guests you will have attending your nuptials until your RSVP cards are returned, you will still want to have an estimated headcount to present.

  • Book Your Venue. You can’t host your wedding without a venue. Therefore, you will want to secure yours well in advance! By doing so, you can then continue on with planning other details of your big day, such as a theme and color scheme to complement your space, along with being able to notify your vendors of where your nuptials will be taking place.

  • Discover Your Wedding Dress. Making your grand debut down the aisle in a stunning wedding dress is certainly of importance! So, you will want to discover yours in advance. Not only will it take time to create your wedding dress, but you will most likely need alterations completed as well, which will take some time to complete.

Starting your wedding planning off right is certainly of importance! These are just a few of the first tasks that you will want to complete after getting engaged.

If you are ready to continue on with creating your own nuptials with a wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia, please get in touch with us here at Eclectic Eventz! We believe that every couple should thoroughly enjoy their wedding planning experience, and would be thrilled with the opportunity to ensure that you do.


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