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How to Announce Your Elopement

You and your significant other have decided to go the most intimate route to make things official by eloping. Your friends and family would probably be excited to know that you are tying the knot. But how do you announce your elopement?

Whether you’re going for cute, silly, or spectacular, you have plenty of options when it comes to creative elopement announcement ideas. Check out a few of our elopement announcement ideas that will help you and your sweetie break the big news to your loved ones.

1. Social Media

Post a photo of you at your wedding on Facebook or Instagram or simply post “We Do, We Did, We Eloped”. This way you can see the reactions and the comments will be fun to read.

elopement announcement

2. Video

Hire a videographer to film the ceremony. You can invite friends and family to the big reveal by premiering the video on a big screen tv. As they are viewing the video and squealing with delight and joy… bring out the bubbly and celebrate with a toast.

elopement announcement

3. Say it with your wedding bands!

Say nothing and wait for people to notice. This way you get personal reactions and congratulatory hugs over and over as people notice.

elopement announcement

4. Photos!

Display your elopement wedding photos in your home. Order a coffee table style album to leave out for when people are over to surprise them. Or have a wall portrait on display from the wedding for people to notice.

elopement announcement

5. Throw a party

It doesn’t have to be a full-blown reception, after all that is probably why you eloped in the first place, but a casual get-together is a great way to announce your new marriage as well as give everyone an opportunity to celebrate your union.

elopement announcement

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