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How to Choose an Elopement Wedding Dress

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

If you’re planning to elope, part of the reason is likely because you want the execution to be low key and stress free. Whether you’re looking to save a few bucks or you want to avoid the headache of planning a big wedding, you should look and feel your absolute best during your nuptials on your special day. Part of the fun of skipping the big traditional wedding ceremony is that you also get to skip out on the big expensive wedding dress. You know, the one you’ll never wear again. Instead, you have the benefit of choosing something that’s classic, practical, timeless and still keeps you looking like a blushing bride. Here are 6 kinds of modern elopement dresses for any bride tying the knot.

Elopement Wedding Dress
A-Line Elopement Wedding Dress

A Classic A- Line Dress

The traditional dress that everyone recognizes by its silhouette forming the letter A. This dress looks romantic. There are different variations of how an A-Line wedding dress might look like. A popular look of this dress is where the top is made of delicate lace and it blends seamlessly into a simple flowing skirt. You will see this dress in numerous textures, fabrics and colors. This dress is a great look for different events.

A spur of the moment occasion calls for a dress that is perfect for eloping and the high-low dress is well suited for this instance. You don’t want a dress that is going to weigh you down if you are planning on running around town afterwards to celebrate. Since eloping is usually a last-minute idea, you don’t have time to get alterations and you usually don’t have money saved for an expensive gown. So, think of a carefree high-low dress!

Elopement Wedding Dress
Lace Elopement Wedding Dress

The Lace Dress

A lace wedding dress is a beautiful and timeless look. Show your style with different patterns, cuts and colors of lace. Brides love a lace look as it illustrates a dash of style and excitement. The fabric makes any bride look astonishing and dreamy. You can also shine bright like a diamond in a sequined elopement dress. Sequins is a gorgeous fashion statement. Whether you are heading to Sin City or getting hitched on New Year’s Eve, this is the perfect dress for eloping if you are looking to grab everyone’s attention, especially that of your hubby to be.

Elopement Wedding Dress
Short Elopement Wedding Dress

The Short Wedding Dress

A simple short wedding dress is the fantastic counterpart to the stunning traditional dresses. This look is perfect for every bride who loves to look stylish as well and wants to enjoy a short dress in terms of practicality. Do you need to hike up a mountain for your elopement? A simple short dress wouldn’t disappoint.

Elopement Wedding Dress
Boho Chic Elopement Wedding Dress

The Boho Chic Wedding Dress

Boho chic dresses are among the most popular ones for an elopement as many couples prefer to get married in forests, mountains, on the hillside and in deserts, and there is nothing better than a boho dress for such an elopement. A boho chic dress is effortless and magical. It evokes a sense of soft elegance, wonder and whimsy. Graphic lace and light as air fabrics combine to create simple silhouettes that will please any bohemian bride.

These dresses are just a few examples of modern elopement dresses. A dress for eloping should fit your personality and the location of your elopement. There are so many styles and looks for every shape, size and style. But most importantly your elopement wedding dress should make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

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