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How to Choose the Best Elopement Package

atlanta elopement packages

Elopement packages are designed to include all the essentials of a wedding. Each element that you’ll need to pull off a memorable elopement ceremony are often included without the need for add-ons.

STEP 1 - Date and Destination

Typically, the first step in planning an elopement is deciding on the destination, ceremony date and time.

STEP 2 - Budget

Then deciding on what your budget looks like and how many guests you would like to include.

STEP 3 - Who to Invite

While most people believe an elopement is limited to just the couple, this doesn't have to be the case. Eloping can include a small group of your closest friends and family from 10-30 people.

STEP 4 - Finding a Package

Once you decide on the size, budget, and date, it'll be easier to source different elopement packages to suit your needs.

Traditional Wedding Package vs Elopement Wedding Package

Traditional weddings are incredibly expensive and can take years to plan. If couples choose to elope, a ceremony can be planned in a few hours with costs that are a fraction of what you would pay for a traditional wedding.

Elopements tend to be much more personal and intimate. Traditional weddings are all about…you know…tradition!

Elopements put the focus back on the couple and their love, allowing the bride and groom to have a ceremony that is as unique as their relationship. Furthermore, eloping makes it easier to hold a ceremony in a beautiful location such as a magical beach in the Bahamas or pristine mountains in Georgia.

Elopement packages include all of the services and amenities a bride and groom could ask for, conveniently provided in one place. You can expect vendors such as the officiant, music, cake, flowers, food, and venue to be included in an elopement package. You will not have to search for all your vendors individually, which can save time and is much less stressful.

Your marriage should be celebrated in a beautiful and personal style. Eloping emphasizes the celebration of the marriage of two people rather than the hosting of an event.

Eloping truly celebrates the couple in love.


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