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How to Choose the Best Elopement Package

Elopement Packages

Sometimes, smaller really is better. Eloping can be crazy and romantic, but there’s still some planning that needs to happen. There are many things to think about when selecting an elopement package for you and your partner. Do you want something intimate or adventurous? Where in the entire world do you want to have your special day?

You CAN still have all the frills

Whether your reason for eloping is based on saving money or simply wanting to make it an intimate moment, we have created packages to suit your every need. One of the first things to consider is your budget. How much are you able to spend on your wedding? Keeping a budget in mind can help you decide what you may or may not be able to do.

You DON’T have to leave your dearest people behind

Next up is to set the guest list. You need to know how many people you will be planning for. Even though you are eloping, you may want to include a handful of people to your most celebrated day. Of course, some friends and family might be initially disappointed with the idea of not sharing your day with you, but once they get over the shock, chances are that they will forgive you.

Choosing the Location

Selecting the location, venue and date are all important factors in choosing your elopement package. The venues will have a variety of packages to choose from. The location of the venue will determine the vibe and type of the event you are having. If you choose something in a state park, you may be the romantic, nature type who wants a calm and serene atmosphere. You could choose something like The B Suite in Atlanta if you want a cozy, intimate ambiance with your closest friends and family. Or maybe you select a brewery, for a fun and unusual type of event. Many of these venues will be all-inclusive, and you will find that you will need to bring in outside vendors with some. Some will have an event planner to help you plan your entire event. These professionals are great to have on hand, as planning a wedding is not that easy, no matter how small of an event.

Elopement package = ZERO stress

Here’s why you can sit back and relax until your big day comes – elopement packages are especially designed to include all essentials of a wedding. Elopement packages will vary, depending on budget, location, and guest count. Some elopement packages will include everything you need: officiant, ceremony space, decorations, floral arrangements, bouquets, food, music, entertainment. These are all important factors to consider when trying to decide on your elopement package. Finding something all inclusive may be easier than having to hire different vendors.

You’ll get the intimacy your wedding deserves

Most couples choose to elope because it’s incredibly intimate, romantic and completely stress-free. It’s a unique departure from the typical wedding style, ensuring your big day is all about the love you share with your partner. Finding the best elopement package can be easy by following the above steps. On the day you’re your wedding, you simply show up and say “I do.” Then you enjoy the rest of your time doing whatever your heart’s desire.

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