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How to Plan An Elopement

How to plan an elopement
How to plan an elopement

It doesn’t take long after your engagement to realize how unnerving a task that planning a wedding can be. It all looks so beautiful and romantic in the years leading up to it, but when it all needs to be done, things can get very stressful and chaotic! If the idea of taking on all of this work is a bit much, know that you have other options- the best being eloping. Eloping allows you to focus on what is most important; the relationship you have with your partner.

One of the easiest ways to plan your elopement is to find a venue that offers an all-inclusive wedding elopement package. These packages are your elopement all-in one solution. They can include everything from the officiant and the flowers to the vows and music to the honeymoon suite and more. Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning your elopement.

Before you elope, take some time with your partner to discuss all of the options to make sure it is the right decision. Evaluate the consequences and the risks to eloping. Are you able to handle the family members and friends who will be upset that they were not able to be a part of your big day? Will you regret not having a traditional ceremony? Just make sure that you have valid reasons for eloping and that you are not making a spontaneous decision that you might later regret.

Make sure to get your license

You may think this sounds obvious, but it is surprising how many couples forget about it. Before you can get married, you will need a marriage license. For those in Georgia, you can get a license at any probate court in Georgia, provided at least one of the applicants is a resident of the State of Georgia. The marriage license is valid for up to six months after the date of issuance for you to have your wedding. Be sure to thoroughly research the requirements and investigate the marriage regulations before going to the courthouse to avoid any hiccups on your actual elopement day.

Choose your venue

The venue is going to make your elopement, so choose wisely. Base your decision on factors like your budget, indoor or outdoor, location or travel distance and availability. Georgia has no shortage of great places to elope. It could be in the city or country, at a brewery or a state park. So many options will have you researching venues to your heart’s desire.

Select vendors and make a guest list

There are a couple of was that you can go about selecting vendors for your elopement. The easiest option would be to hire a wedding planner that takes care of these tasks for you. They already know the area, and most likely have a list of vendors that they already work with. The other way is to select the vendors yourself. This approach does take a lot more time and research on your end, but knowing that you selected each piece of your wedding will be very rewarding when the day comes. Also think about who you want by your side as you get married. Whether it is just the two of you or 20 of your closest family and friends, invite those who you can’t imagine not being there with you.

Choose your rings, attire and essentials

One of the best parts of the wedding (for women at least) is finding the perfect dress. Start shopping for gowns, or even if it casual, what you would like to wear. Coordinate your partners attire, along with any groomsmen and bridesmaids. Select the rings, and don’t forget about details like the veil, shoes, jewelry and any special items you want to include in your ceremony.

So you’ve planned and waited, but it’s finally time to get married. Pack your bags, and pack early for less chance of forgetting things. Grab your bags, and head out with your partner and go get married!

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