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The Difference Between An Elopement and an Intimate Wedding

There is difference between an Elopement and an Intimate Wedding and knowing the difference will help make planning your nuptials that much easier.

An Intimate Wedding

An intimate wedding is a traditional wedding on a smaller scale, with a much smaller guest list of up to 25 people. There is the usual ceremony, followed by a modest reception. A lot of the logistics and details are similar to that of a traditional wedding, for example, you would still announce an intimate wedding by sending out invitations, and arrangements are made by guests to attend. You would still have wedding vendors for your cake, though smaller, floral arrangements, officiant, venue and food, amongst other details.

An Elopement

An elopement, on the other hand, is by definition when a couple marries in secret. This is typically a spur of the moment decision. The focus is usually on the ceremony and in an incredible location for their dream day. The couple can focus on themselves, no need to worry about inviting guests and of course there is no reception. Eloping allows for a laid-back day on the day of the wedding, as opposed to following a schedule.

Choosing an Intimate Wedding or an Elopement

There are many factors to consider when deciding which wedding day is right for you. Intimate weddings are like traditional weddings, just smaller. But, you will still be bound by a timeline and have fewer people at the event.

Eloping allows for less planning, and more attention on you and your spouse. Elopement packages are usually offered which include everything you would need for your special day. Either type of wedding could be set in a beautiful destination or a special place right in your hometown.

It is up to you to decide which type of wedding is perfect for you and your spouse. You can show your personality and style as a couple in the details of an intimate wedding, spending meaningful time with those who are nearest and dearest to you. Or, take off on a whim and elope knowing that it will be a magnificent, special day never to forget. Either way, you should plan for whatever your heart desires.

Photograph Courtesy of Lauren Edison Photography


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