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The New Micro Wedding Trend

micro wedding, intimate wedding, Atlanta wedding planner
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It is increasingly common to hear that people are getting married privately and frees up the budget to splurge on a few key elements of the wedding. You see, in the case of Micro Weddings everything is reduced but the effort, since you will be hiring all the typical services of a wedding, but they will be shared with a select list of guests that usually do not exceed 50 people, and that is usually done in a small, cozy and full of illusion place.

You are not the only one who wants something intimate

The minimalist attitude has reached stratospheric proportions, and now it's okay to consider doing everything on a small scale, especially when you're looking for something romantic. It is now possible to hold weddings where the bride and groom meet everyone, without having to invite co-workers you have rarely engaged with, friends of your parents you have never seen before, and other guests who only show up on the day of the wedding. Now it is possible to have a small wedding that includes all the important details but is also full of those people who have made a significant change in your life and are happy to see you marry that special person.

micro wedding, intimate wedding, elopement
Photo: Cainscamera

You don't have to give up anything

The magic of micro weddings is that they have all the romantic details you have always dreamed of but scaled down. You will select the venue of your choice, have the wedding cake, the first dance, the decoration, food, it is even possible to add live music, it has everything you have always dreamed of but with a smaller number of guests. Yes, the budget may decrease considerably, but this is not the most important thing about Micro Weddings. What makes the difference is seeing the excitement in your partner's eyes and family and friends celebrate the union.

micro wedding, intimate wedding, elopement
Photo: Cainscamera

Hire a Wedding Planner

Although everything is smaller, it still has all the elements and details of a wedding. You will need to hire the caterer, choose the cake, hire the officiant, the make-up artist, the photographer, and many other things that are the real concerns you must have in mind so that everything goes as you imagine. No matter the size of your wedding, no matter how you imagine your ideal moment to be, it's time for you to get the support you deserve and start working towards it. A wedding planner can help you achieve that, and we'll work with your ideas and listen to your input, as well as get you the best options to make your budget go farther than you imagine, and all here in Atlanta or wherever your dreams are.


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