The Trend of the Micro Wedding

Covid 19 has changed many things in our world this year, not least how we do weddings. In fact, when the pandemic first took hold of the world, the future of the entire wedding industry was uncertain. There were cancellations and postponements all over as nation after nation went into strict lockdown.

Luckily, things have eased up a little and the world is starting to cautiously open back up again, to an extent. The same goes for the wedding industry, which is slowly getting back up and running, albeit vastly different from the way it was. People can get married again, but with extremely limited amounts of guests. Enter the micro wedding.

What is a Micro Wedding?

In basic terms, think of a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, cut down to a maximum of 30-40 people. A trimmed down guest list meaning more quality over quantity. And with the world the way it is now, with the pandemic and ever-changing social distancing guidelines, it really is no wonder that micro weddings have become super trendy. They started growing in popularity just a few short years ago, with some couples preferring to have smaller, more casual celebrations over the traditional larger ceremony and reception. However, for now, micro weddings do seem the only way to get married, and we think pandemic or no pandemic, they are here to stay.

Why are Micro Weddings so Popular?

There are many reasons micro weddings are growing in trend right now, the most obvious being the fact that there will be fewer people in attendance. There are also other factors though. For example, a micro wedding can be the perfect choice for couples with a low wedding budget. Large guest lists can prove expensive both during the planning and at the actual event. There are invitations to consider, save the dates, meals per guest, all these things and more can produce a massive bill in the end. Not to mention the stress that comes with planning a large wedding, all of that is drastically reduced when opting for a smaller celebration.

The guest list itself may also become less of a stress point. With a micro wedding and limited numbers, couples will be less likely to feel compelled to invite people they really don’t want to attend their wedding. So, work colleagues, relatives once, twice, or three times removed, even your cousin’s latest partner, are out. More room for only those who truly are nearest and dearest to you. That has got to be good news, yes?

One of the absolute key benefits of having a micro wedding, and one that we here at B Eclectic Eventz suspect is one of the biggest, is that the couple can literally have the entire day their way. They can have everything completely traditional, with wedding cakes, photographs and poses, sit down meals and first dances, or they can take certain elements of that and get rid of others. Wedding Spot lists some fantastic examples of different types of micro weddings for couples with all tastes, traditional or not, adventurous, or conservative. When it’s your own wedding day, why wouldn’t you plan it exactly the way you want it?

Would you have a micro wedding? If so, give us a shout here at B Eclectic Eventz! We will be more than happy to help you plan your perfect day.

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