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Top 5 Intimate Wedding Inspiration

intimate wedding inspiration

Intimate weddings are characterized by their smaller number of guests and the overall, more low-key celebration type of ambiance. Imagine a cozy sit-down dinner with only your closest family and friends or a close-set ceremony venue that is large enough only for about a dozen people or so. Here are some intimate wedding ideas that prove that you don’t have to go all-out to have a gorgeous wedding.

1. Go for an Alternative Venue

In many cases a smaller wedding means couples have a much wider selection of settings and venues. These include places like restaurants, state parks, bed and breakfasts, or a cozy place like The B Suite in Atlanta. All of these venues offer a pretty unique setting for a very memorable occasion! However, if you’d love to get married in a castle or stately home, you still can, as many of these venues are home to smaller function rooms specifically designed for smaller weddings.

Intimate Wedding Inspiration

2. Keep Design in Mind

Smaller weddings mean couples don’t have to go all out decorating a massive space, so it’s a lot less time consuming and there’s a lot less to think about when you have to put up and pull down the decorations. Also, if you’re getting hands-on to DIY your centerpieces and décor it won’t take nearly as long. Take polaroid’s of your big day! Polaroids are a wonderful and relatively inexpensive art piece. They are great for displays or scrapbooks, but you could also use them as center pieces. Plus, a poloroid camera is small enough to pack if you’re traveling for your ceremony, and it will offer a unique perspective from your intimate wedding.

intimate wedding inspiration

3. Indulge in a Good Bottle of Champagne

There are many different ways to make small details look grand for intimate weddings. You could serve pre ceremony cocktails (alcoholic and/or non alcoholic). Come up with something signature that goes with your style. Guests will feel well taken care of, and upbeat and ready to celebrate your big day! You could have a non-traditional guestbook. A canvas to put thumbprints with ink, or maybe pieces of a puzzle put together that make a memorable photo of you two. Alternative guest books are one of a kind, and are great to be able to look back at when thinking about your perfect day. Another detail for your handful of guests at your intimate wedding is the wedding favor. Since there aren’t a lot of people, consider writing a hand written note to each one of your guests. Adding your personal touch can make your intimate wedding very special.

4. Make Welcome Gifts More Personal

Make your guests feel special. Everyone loves a good smelling soy candle, so DIY wedding favor candles are sure to be appreciated by your guests. They’re pretty easy to make and the supplies are not at all expensive, especially if you have a few small glass jars on hand. Just fill your jars with your candle mixture and then place them in a nice box and tie with a piece of twine or thin ribbon.

Intimate Wedding Favors

5. Get Creative With Your Ceremony

With a smaller guest count, clients can throw out traditional ceremony norms! The trend now for smaller weddings is to create an intimate ceremony so everyone can get a bird’s-eye view.

Everyone wants their big day to feel like it represents who they are as a couple. Remembering to invest just as much time and love into the small things you cherish, and not just the things that are necessary to get married, can make all the difference in your enjoyment of the ceremony.


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