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Top Romantic Honeymoon Destinations

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Once you discover your soulmate in life, you will get engaged. Then, you will tie the knot, celebrate with all of your closest friends and family members, and make your grand exit as newlyweds. However, the fun doesn’t stop there, as you will then venture off to your honeymoon…how exciting!

But, with many destinations to travel to, you may be in need of a little inspiration when it comes to choosing the location for your own honeymoon!

We believe that every couple should have the honeymoon of their dreams! That’s why, here are Eclectic Eventz, as Atlanta wedding planners, we have comprised some of the top romantic honeymoon destinations to inspire your own excursion. If you would like to discover what these locations are, be sure to continue reading:

Bali. Would you like to travel to an island full of romance? If so, consider Bali! Featured in the hit book and movie, Eat, Pray, Love, Bali is considered the “Isle of the Gods”, and has turned into a magnet for intimacy. Popular for its creative culture, as it presents mountain vistas, a vivid arts scene, and temples, you can discover an array of romantic excursions to experience. This is certainly an ideal location for the adventitious couple!

Paris. It’s no surprise that Paris is among one of the top romantic honeymoon

destinations! Presenting extravagant architecture and unique cuisine, you will discover a great deal of uniqueness in this one of a kind city. The scenery alone evokes nothing but romance! In addition, you can visit iconic locations, such as the famous Eiffel Tower and Louvre museum. A honeymoon in Paris is sure to be a vacation to remember!

Bora Bora. Showcasing gorgeous mountains, colorful coral reefs, and crystal-clear waters, Bora Bora highlights such beauty! Famous for its over-water bungalows, Bali is considered to be one of the most intimate locations to travel to! In addition, you can take part in an array romantic activities with your partner, such as spa days, snorkeling, and hiking. So, consider Bali if you will really want to embark on a once in a lifetime journey!

Your honeymoon deserves to be greatly enjoyed! These are just a few of the top romantic destinations that you should consider for yours.

If you are ready to hire a wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia to plan your big day with, so that you can then embark on your own honeymoon after, please contact us here at Eclectic Eventz! We believe that every wedding should be one of a kind, and would be honored with the opportunity to ensure that yours is.


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