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Wedding Budget? No Problem!

Calling all brides with a wedding budget! If you are just engaged or in the planning process, one major question that drives decisions is “What’s the budget for your wedding?” Whether you are paying for your own wedding or your family is providing financial support, we have listed some way to save money and have your dream wedding!

List your Priorities

What are your must-haves or priorities for your wedding? Answering this question will help you focus on areas that you feel most strongly about, and help you cut back on areas that aren’t as important. After identifying what is most important, start with the basics. Don’t assume you can't afford a certain vendor. Most vendors have a variety of packages and can get to a price you can afford. You can always add extras once you've seen how your budget balances out.

Consider A Smaller Wedding

There is no right or wrong way to plan your wedding. But if you’re thinking of saving money consider a micro wedding. Having a smaller wedding and celebration to start your lives together not only saves you money. It can also help you get off to a less stressful start. If you and your partner have large families, you could consider having a wedding with just family members and a few very close friends.

Intimate Venue

Seasonal Advantages

I promise, all 12 months are equally-lovely and deserve consideration. Choosing a date outside of peak months will help out your bottom line. Choosing to have a Friday or Sunday wedding often leads to savings as well. Remember, no matter what date you choose, plan to use seasonal décor and flowers, and local vendors.

The Venue

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and pick a venue that appeals to you. If you love a venue even without added décor that is a major win! Bringing in your own decorations can be costly. Consider visiting all-inclusive venues when searching for your dream space. A venue that comes with ceremony space, tables, chairs, linens, in house catering, staff, etc can provide cost savings. If your venue will serve as your ceremony space, remember you are the main focus. Limit décor and get the most impact for your buck by having simply stated centerpieces and altar arrangements.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Save money by spending it on a wedding planner? It sounds counterintuitive, but it isn’t! Do it! Wedding planners have experience working with couples on budgets and have good working relationships with many vendors—all of which can amount to savings for you. Hiring a wedding planner also ensures all your hard work and money spent comes together on the big day.

Save on Stationery

Your choice of stationery can really impact how much you end up spending on your wedding paper. Let your wedding website work for you — instead of using enclosure cards to share information about hotel blocks and transportation, keep guests up-to-date via your website. Just make sure your invitation includes the ceremony and reception address.

Although it may not seem like it right away, it is possible to get the wedding of your dreams and stay within your budget. By knowing your priorities, getting assistance from experts, and letting your venue shine you are on the way to getting the most perfect wedding for your most perfect price!


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