Wedding Trends 2021

As we are coming into fall, it’s perhaps time to start looking into trends for next year with weddings. The global crisis of 2020 has drastically changed and shaped the whole concept of weddings and we suspect those changes will continue for the most part of 2021, maybe even into 2022.

We know that micro weddings are the current trend, they were even predicted to be a trend before COVID was heard of! As we have said before though, they really are not going anywhere anytime soon. However, the trends for the micro wedding in 2021, are set to be a little different. Yes, they will continue to be small, intimate gatherings of those closest to the couple, but they will be likely to be focused more on the details and experience. With that said, let’s have a look at some of the predictions for wedding trends in 2021.

Warm Welcomes

Initially, the introduction of ‘welcome boxes or bags’ was just for guests attending a destination wedding or for those attending a local wedding from out of town. Now, they are looking to become more mainstream as a way of enhancing the wedding experience. “The welcome bag sets the tone for the wedding! It’s literally the first experience your guest has to your wedding,” says Dawn of DM Events & Design, Style Me Pretty.

So, what are they? Well, they are a welcome pack for your guests! More than likely, they would be packed into a decorative box or bag in line with the wedding theme. They would probably contain a mix of handy and whimsical keepsakes, all tied in with the theme of the wedding. Obviously, things like hand sanitizer would be a definite, but things like a bottle of water, maybe a little bundle of homemade biscuits, a mini tipple, a map of the area are all items you could put into a guest welcome box. Things that would make the guests smile and feel personally welcomed by you. Over at Martha Stuart, you can see some great inspiration for welcome boxes, we personally love the Southern Charm box!

Bridal Subscription Boxes

There must be a subscription box out there for everything, and now, you can have one when you are planning your wedding! Only just getting popular now, these are bound to be a trend for next year. “With many weddings being moved to 2021 and 2022, brides are looking for ways to keep the excitement going,” states Wedding Forward. The boxes are designed to help the just engaged, bride to be plan, find inspiration, and have a bit of extra fun while preparing for the happiest day of her life. Miss to Mrs offers subscriptions of 9 themed boxes, delivered at regular spread out increments along the wedding planning journey. They contain items such as planning tools; notebooks and checklists, bridal ‘swag’; t-shirts, kimonos and tote bags, romantic themed items, honeymoon themed items, and just some general fun things. A great idea to keep that ‘I’m getting married’ vibe going right up until you say, ‘I do!’ How exciting will it be to receive one of these?

Paint with All the Colors

It seems that 2021 will be the year when it is out with the whites and creams of the traditional wedding, and in with all the bright popping colors! According to the Knot, “More and more couples are pushing the typical ideas of wedding decor and moving in the direction of fun, bright and happy; they're incorporating all sorts of colors in their stationery, decor, and foods." This means you’ll be seeing vibrant décor, cheerful cakes, and fabulously decadent foods. We at B Eclectic Eventz are certainly on board with this, bring back the joy!

Bountiful Bride Gowns

Yes, weddings might be getting smaller, but brides want to shine on their big day, and we agree! TDS Bridal suggests that we will be seeing many “statement ball gowns and exaggerated sleeves, bright colors and layers of textures, funky shoes, and edgy jumpsuits in 2021. All the things such as lace, pearls, rhinestones, and bows will be beautiful additions carried on from this year to complete the fabulous new bold, and beautiful trend. It’s your wedding day, stand out with style!

Fabulous Flowers

Bridal and ceremony flowers will also be getting the star treatment in 2021, according to Wed Inspire. Yes, there will be big and bold arrangements, pops of color, and lots of big, sensuous scents. Whether they are part of the bride’s hairdo, her bouquet, or the centerpieces on the tables, we are bound to see an abundance of florals next year!

What do you think of the predicted trends for 2021? Have you seen some that catch your eye? Have a chat with us here and let’s see if we can turn the vision of your upcoming wedding into a reality!

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