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What To Do When It Rains On Your Wedding Day

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

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One question frequently posed to Atlanta elopement and wedding planners is, "Will it rain on my wedding day?"

While it is impossible to foretell, we can assure you that we have a perfectly prepared contingency plan to execute if Mother Nature decides to bless you with a shower on your big day. Even when planning an intimate wedding or elopement, we strongly recommend acquiring a venue that offers a backup plan. While we truly hope the heavens won’t open and pour forth a blessing in the form of thunderstorms, chances are it won't rain the entire day. Let’s examine how to manage rain during each phase of your wedding day.

The Ceremony

For an outdoor ceremony, make the rain call promptly to allow plenty of time to complete the set-up. When displaying elaborate florals, the rain call should be made hours in advance of the scheduled ceremony. Calmly consult with your wedding planner, partner, and a trusted weather app (preferably w/real-time satellite technology) to take a designated course of action.

Depending on the scheduled time of your commencement, you may employ the option of waiting for the rain to stop. Delay is more convenient for micro weddings and elopements since there is a minimal number of guests to notify. Be mindful, any interruption that keeps you from sauntering down the aisle can shorten the duration of the couple’s photo session occurring after the ceremony. For imminent weather you should have a Plan B in place, such as relocating to a covered area or indoor location.

There is also the possibility that rain could start during the ceremony. In this case, your wedding planner should assume total control of what transpires. Inquire before the wedding day as to what the rain plan entails.

Check with your wedding planner to ensure that the venue will have staff on standby with umbrellas if rain is threatening. In case of a light drizzle, your wedding planner will calmly inform guests that staff will accommodate them with umbrellas and they have the option to remain seated or move to a covered area to observe the ceremony. If there is a downpour, the planner will briefly interpose and move everyone inside. Trust your planner to assume the lead in every situation, including those created by Mother Nature.

Your Couple Photos

Your photographer will take the lead as to where you will relocate for photos if it's raining. Some photographers offer a complimentary 1-hour photoshoot post-wedding day if you are completely rained out with no opportunity for outdoor photography. Or you can consider negotiating this incidental as part of your wedding photography package in advance. While you may have to improvise a bit, it will be worth it to put your dress on again and capture some beautiful bridal images to reflect on in the future.

If rain is forecasted on your wedding day, ask your photographer to have a neutral-colored, unbranded large umbrella on hand for photos. Umbrella photos can be stunningly beautiful and romantic.

The Reception

For an outdoor reception, have an alternate plan established for rain. Your venue, wedding planner, and catering team will advise you if it's necessary to relocate indoors. One of the biggest concerns is the food. When exposed to rain, the quality of the food can be compromised and it is very difficult to salvage. This could result in an untimely delays, discontent guests, and overall feelings of stress.

Accept the advice of the professionals if they recommend moving indoors. While it might be disappointing, you can still have a wonderful reception and enjoy the evening. Take a moment...exhale… sip some champagne, and dance the night away!

Don't worry too much about the circumstance that might not occur. Remember being prepared with a backup plan is key and being emotionally equipped with the assurance of knowing what will happen in case rain is forecasted is key.

If it rains on your wedding day, you won't be a panicked, wild bride sprinting for cover with an expensive hairstyle turning into a hot mess. You will be a serene picture of grace and calm with a radiant smile on your face. Your groom will grasp your hand and pause for a romantic smooch as the rain softly falls. The rings will be exchanged, you will kiss, laugh, and dance as love fills the air.


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