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Your Wedding During The Coronavirus Crisis COVID-19

The coronavirus is disrupting many weddings, showers, parties, engagements, everything! With many guests traveling, couples have been trying to decide if they should postpone or cancel.

Postpone Don’t Cancel!

Keep your wedding! It is YOUR wedding! Most event planners, venues and vendors, are being flexible so you can reschedule to a later date this year or next year without a fee. However, please check with your vendors regarding availability. Try to think of rescheduling rather than a complete cancellation to avoid losing your retainer/deposits.

Many couples are rescheduling to TBD dates or simplifying their wedding to have an elopement, micro wedding, or minimonies, scheduling a larger reception for a future date. You can always think of changing the event and going ahead with a smaller wedding with only immediate family or less guests.

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Should You Reschedule Your Wedding?

As vendors, and friends, we understand the heartbreak it is to consider rescheduling in any scenario! We have compiled some COVID-19 considerations to have in mind when rescheduling your wedding:

  • What area are you in?

  • Is your wedding venue open/ closed at the moment?

  • Is your wedding going to be Indoors or Outdoors?

  • Wedding vendors postponing policies and available dates.

  • How many guests are you expecting?

  • Are there key wedding party members who need to travel?

  • How many of your guests are going to have to travel to attend your wedding?

  • Are there any high risk loved ones on your guest list who should consider staying at home?

With all the information provided, you can look at all the options you have and you can decide whether to proceed or not. If any of these are stressful, we recommend you have a backup plan in place if there is a need to postpone your wedding.

Consider These Backup Plans

When thinking about your wedding and the coronavirus, it’s imperative you have a plan in place. If your wedding is scheduled for the fall you might still be able to have your wedding – even then, create a backup plan! Here are a few ideas in no particular order:

  • Change your wedding to be just a smaller ceremony & reception

  • Have a small wedding ceremony and a reception later in the year or in 2021

  • Ask guests to let you know if they will be able to attend and adjust the numbers.

  • Create a guest list of 10, another of 25 and another of 50

  • Downsize your wedding guest list to below 50 and have just immediate family members and bridal party with you

  • Create a backup date with your venue and most important vendors

  • Call and email your vendors and ask about their rescheduling policy and availability for backup dates

  • Plan an intimate ceremony for your original date and move the big party to later

  • Get married by the State and postpone everything

  • Postpone everything until late fall or 2021

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If you are planning a small wedding or if you postpone your date consider the importance of photographing these moments. Consider all-inclusive packages that include venue rental and offer photography. We recommend you adhere to CDC regulations and guidelines put in place by local and national governments when planning and rescheduling your wedding. Contact us we would love to assist you during this time.


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