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Social Celebrations 


Social Celebrations includes honoring you and the people you care about. Our attentiveness and fascination with the details will allow you to enjoy yourself, your friends and family. We’ll add personal touches that add flair to your memories. Your only concern will be what to wear to the special event—and with our vast professional connections in multiple industries; we may even be able to help with that.

Whether you’ve already found your perfect venue or you’re just starting the event planning phase, we’ll partner with you to oversee every detail. Our extensive partner network gives you access to the top faces and places for your event, wherever it’s happening. 


But it’s not just our contacts that count. It’s the eclectic experience we create — and we know how important it is to get it right. Every detail from napkin colors to menu selection to  logistics is mapped out, and all of the senses considered when planning how to “wow” your guests.


Contact us to schedule an initial planning session or for information on pricing

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