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How To Announce Your Elopement To Your Friends and Family.

Elopements may be smaller and more intimate than an ordinary wedding bash, but there are still quite a few details that can be put into planning an elopement. Whether you wish to have a ton of details on your elopement day or not, there are many things to consider, and announcing your elopement is one of them.

You will need to decide whether you want to make your upcoming elopement public or keep it quiet until after the wedding. Some couples opt to choose to tell their closest family and friends beforehand. Sometimes that can be a hard conversation, letting them know that you won’t be inviting anyone, or everyone, to your private ceremony. Here are some tips to make this conversation easier.

Explain your Reason for Eloping

Keep in mind the reasons for choosing an elopement and explain that to your friends and family. Ensure that they know you still greatly value your relationship and that it's not about exclusion. You can also consider including them in the planning process, such as finding a dress or researching an elopement location.

Keep it Simple

An elopement sometimes isn’t just the couple, but may also include your closest family and friends for the ceremony. In this case, an announcement will need to be sent ahead of the special day, unless it’s a surprise! When deciding on your announcement, think about your style. Are you more formal, fun, festive, or a little bit of everything? When in doubt a simple postcard can work just as well for an elopement wedding.

Websites such as Minted, offers a ton of invitation and announcement options, and if you are working with an Elopement Wedding Planner, a discount is usually included with their elopement packages.

After the Big Day

If this is the kind of occasion where the two of you are secretly taking off, you may want to consider sending out an elopement announcement after your intimate wedding. A post elopement celebration, such as a brunch or backyard barbecue could be held to officially announce your union. Friends and family will most definitely want the opportunity to congratulate you as a couple.

Keep in mind that this celebration doesn't have to be held immediately after you get married. Some couples choose to wait and host this celebration a year after their special day.

No matter if you are planning a very intimate ceremony with just the two of you, or you want to include a small amount of family and friends, an elopement announcement is something you will need to consider. You can make it as easy and carefree as your wedding or detailed and embellished if that is more of your style. Just be sure to be in the moment with your sweetheart and enjoy your elopement day.


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