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Popular 2019 Wedding Trends

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

Wedding trends are a wonderful way to add a dash of uniqueness to your big day! After all, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and deserves to showcase one of a kind details.

Are you aware of some of the most popular wedding trends that have debuted this year? We love when couples incorporate trends into their big day! That’s why, here at Eclectic Eventz, as Atlanta intimate wedding planners, we have gathered some of the top wedding trends to inspire your own big day. Would you like to discover what these trends are? If so, be sure to read on:

  • A Natural Appearance. Gone are the days where brides are showcasing smokey eyes and bold red lips down the aisle. In fact, more natural appearances are being highlighted, as a way to accentuate a bride’s organic beauty. So, expect to see neutral makeup color palettes this year!

  • A Modest Wedding Dress. After the royal wedding, brides swooned over Meghan Markle’s wedding dress! The gown evoked such simplistic beauty in a modest way. Therefore, this year, expect to see brides adorning themselves in more modest gowns!

  • A Diverse Bridal Party. Traditionally, bridesmaids are women and groomsmen are men. However, who says a bride’s best friends are women? And, vice versa for the groom? So, expect to see diverse bridal parties this year. After all, it’s your big day, and there are no rules!

  • Your wedding day deserves to be one of a kind! These are just a few of the most popular trends that you can incorporate into your own nuptials.

Are you ready to hire a wedding planner in Atlanta, Georgia to create your own big day with? If so, please contact us here at Eclectic Eventz, as we would be honored with the opportunity to be yours! Photo by Rachael Crowe on Unsplash

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